5 Bookstagram Tools as a Newbie #bookstagram

Hello Fellow Reading Enthusiasts/Bloggers,

I recently set up an account on #bookstagram and I’ve learnt so many things in the process that I decided to share this post. If at least one of the tools/hacks is useful to you then I would consider my job successful.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have a huge following on Instagram, neither am I claiming to be an expert. These are plain hacks and tools which made my life easy and I am sharing these with you to help you.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Beginners who want to explore #bookstagram, just joined #bookstagram and experts who are finding it difficult to manage their account while juggling a plethora of other tasks. Continue reading “5 Bookstagram Tools as a Newbie #bookstagram”

The Ultimate Book Tag

Hello Bookish Rookies,

How is the weather where you are at? It has been a rainy day which is like most days in Seattle and I don’t know how I feel about that because I got to read more although I love getting out in the sun.

If you are reading this post, then you are most likely into reading books and reading blogs which are related to books. As a new blogger in town, I thought it would be fun to do this Book Tag which would help us connect better. If you are a book related blogger then consider yourself tagged. Continue reading “The Ultimate Book Tag”