Top 5 gifts for book nerds this Spring + Giveaway


It is March which means there are multiple reasons for you to get excited. First of all, I am waiting for spring with wide open arms. I am over dark gloomy days. Yes, they are cozy to snuggle in with hot chocolate and to read your favorite book, but I think it is okay to read in the sun don’t you?

I am taking a week off in April to visit family and friends back in India and couldn’t be more excited and I am in a dilemma to decide on gifts. Life would be so easy if everyone liked books. Now you can argue many ways about this but bottom line is we are a cult and have common interests. So I’ve put together a list of things which will 9 out of 10 times make the book nerd in your life happy.

Now onto the actual gifts.

Unique Watches

I used to love watches and a watch was a must-have accessory for me back in the day (raise your hand if you agree) because it is effortless and you look super put together in second. But I noticed that all the existing watches I had were so heavy that I stopped wearing them altogether. But I am in the process of de-cluttering and investing in pieces which will revamp my look and yes I was also looking for a watch. When JORD watches contacted me to collaborate, I was like oh yes this is a sign and went savage on their website and I was blown by how unique their timepieces were. You can chose from a wide range of fashionable yet minimalist watches that are perfect for book nerds.

If you haven’t seen enough of their gorgeous watches see look at the images below.


They have a good range of women’s watches and men’s watches. When I showed my husband  my watch he loved it too and immediately went onto the website to browse. I can tell he secretly wants to buy one for himself.

What makes these JORD wooden watches so unique and personalized is the fact that you can custom engrave these watches and the box too. Imagine engraving their favorite quote on the watch? How cool and personalized would that be? Added bonus, they are so light weight it feels as if you aren’t wearing a thing on your hand. Easier to carry around War and Peace when you are wearing a JORD wood watch. I could go on about how classy and elegant this watch looks but I we all have books to read don’t we? I only wish you are able to see it in person to be mesmerized.


If you want to check out the watch featured in this post then click here. The price point is great too. They have watches ranging from $139 to $429 and our friends at JORD are hosting a giveaway for all of you and are offering a discount of 10% to everyone who enters their giveaway. One lucky winner will get a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Enter Giveaway Here (you can get a classic wood watch for $39 and above if you win)


Who wouldn’t love a good scent when reading which makes you more cozy and comfortable? Personally I love lighting a candle when I am reading and then sit in my  favorite reading corner by the window. Some great accounts on Instagram who make bookish candles below. You can also create a reading hamper with candles and other bookish goodies as a gift (I would personally be over joyed)

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


Almost 95% of the book posts I see on Instagram have coffee or tea featured in them hence it is no common secret that book lovers also love tea/coffee. I drink both tea or coffee and need to have at least one of them to sip on. I am always on the took out for new tea flavors and my favorite place to try them is Wholefoods. They have always something new to try including locally made stuff and organic. Also, if you haven’t heard of Sipsby it is another great tea subscription service for book lovers.

In terms of coffee I usually love the idea of exploring new coffee shops in the neighborhood so I don’t have good recommendations here. But you can also give them this coffee maker.


Now if someone loves coffee or tea they need mugs to store them. My favorite place for mugs is Target but you can also find some great deals in TJ Maxx. I am always featuring some or the other mug in my Instagram posts too and just having a bright and cheery mug adds so much positivity to your day and it will also remind the person about you when they use the mug. Isn’t that awesome?


Funko Pops

Now Funko pop is a very popular trend which I am seeing more and more book bloggers and readers engaging in. I caved in and got my first funko pop the last time I visited a bookstore. So if you ever want to give me a gift then I am open to getting Harry Potter and Game of Thrones Funko Pops’.


(How cute is this one of Eleven from Stranger Things?)

If you don’t have a bestie who likes books as much as you do then it is completely okay to gift yourself. Enter the giveaway here if you haven’t already.

Also, I am sitting and writing this post on International Women’s Day, and I think it is time to thank and appreciate all the women in your life who made a positive difference in your life. So, if you are a women reading this post, then thank you for being awesome and being yourself.

Do you agree that these are gifts that you would buy for yourself or for anyone who buys books? What is the one gift that you would like to get this spring?

Luxury Wooden Watch

11 thoughts on “Top 5 gifts for book nerds this Spring + Giveaway

  1. Kristina says:

    Stunning pictures !!
    I used to wear that one white rubbery watch (that id always chew on ..) all the time back in the day, which I kinda stopped doing xD so it’s a great opportunity, they’re so pretty !
    My favorite of all time is my dad’s watch… from like, before I even was born .. gold with an apple inside the watch itself – he won it while he was still working in the produces back in my hometown.

    mmh im picky on candles sent, and barely use them .. woops xD but a big YES for mugs, and I’d only want my missing dachshund funko pop! I have the black & tan one… anything with a dachshund on it is a win for me ahah

    Liked by 1 person

    • Spunkyreads says:

      Thanks Kristina! Oh wow, it’s so good to have something which is so personal! I love that you cherish your dads watch! Hope you find your funko! And some may say I have an excessive collection of mugs, but I say not enough haha 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kristina says:

        hahaha same.. I keep buying some, which may end up in my room as our cupboard can only hold that many 😂 I have two chilling as of now *cough*, one in my shelves, and one for my pens on my “writing area”.

        Also it’s my dad’s .. but I do steal it once in a while ahaha (aka when we need to go buy a battery for it ..)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. booksbythecup says:

    The JORD watches are beautiful! I love mine. I’ve always been a watch girl and I wear one (a different one) everyday! If it’s not books, I’ll take tea! Journals are a good option for gifts too! But for us book lovers you can’t go wrong with books!

    Liked by 1 person

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