Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo


Published – June 13th 2017

This book is set in the 1950s and takes you through the journey of a sensational but scandalous Hollywood star – Evelyn Hugo. This was my first Book of the Month (BOTM) pick and I was skeptical while I was choosing but I am glad I did. If you haven’t yet subscribed to BOTM then I highly recommend you do, it is one of the oldest and best book subscription box in USA. It is affordable and also gives you the flexibility to pick multiple books and skip when you do not like the selection available for that month.

Now back to Evelyn Hugo and why I loved her story. Although Evelyn Hugo is a fictional character, the book is so well written that I feel like I’ve read a memoir. The newspaper articles in between the narration added to the drama and the feel of the book. Even if I forget the nitty gritty details of the plot of a book I read, I always remember strong characters from the book from whom I could learn a thing or two. Evelyn taught me to do what you want to do and never regret your decisions. For those of you who read the book already, I am not agreeing or  disagreeing with the way Evelyn handled her relationships be it family or friends. I am only referring to the fact that you need to be sure of the choices you make and never regret the choices you make when you look back.

When I read the the following part of the Goodreads description, I was intrigued to see how the two worlds intersect. I presumed that Monique was Evelyn’s daughter and multiple other possibilities but I would have never guessed the ending.


But as Evelyn’s story catches up with the present, it becomes clear that her life intersects with Monique’s own in tragic and irreversible ways

The plot keeps you engaged until the end and leaves you guessing. But the most important thing is that you learn so much from Evelyn’s life through out the book. She is predictable yet so mysterious. Evelyn starts her career from rock bottom, hits rock bottom at least twice later and then rises stronger than ever before. She knows how to be ruthless when she wants something done, she knows how to love fiercely and she has the courage to accept her shortcomings and rise above them. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to be as strong as Evelyn? I doubt it.

Not only Evelyn the other main characters in the book were also very well described. Everyone is unique in their own way and feel emotions very unique to them but all of them are very consistent and strong characters. I feel like anyone who is reading this book will relate to at least one of the characters from this book.

Some of my favorite lines from this book are,

I’ve spent a very long time learning how to spin the truth. It’s hard to undo that wiring.

So do yourself a favor and learn to grab life by the balls, dear. Don’t be so tied up in trying to do the right thing when the smart thing is so painfully clear.

People think intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is “You’re safe with me” – that’s intimacy.

Rating – ♥♥♥♥ / 5

Although, I really enjoyed reading this book I will not be re-reading it because I feel like once read there isn’t more delight that this book can offer. I want to use that time to read other books.

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