June Book Haul (Birthday Month)

I try to control my urge to shop every time I find something I like, but when my birthday month comes I spend more than what I saved through out the year. This happens to me almost every year, does it happen to you as well? (I feel like it does to everyone at is one of the strongest human emotions which is way beyond control)

Yeah, that’s normal so let’s move on. 🙂

I hauled a total of 16 books and was gifted a series of 5 books, so that is 21 (+2 including BOTM, details below) in total, yay! This is a lot of book for me because, I usually borrow books from the library. I never purchased a book unless it was not available at my library here (which used to happen once in 6 months). Seattle’s public library is amazing, it has a great collection of books and is one of the attractions in downtown because of the huge glass building. This used to work very well for me 3 months ago because, I was not working and had a lot of time to walk down to the library with a cup of coffee. I tried using e-books, which works for most books as well, but there are some books you just do not want to read via an e-book. My most anticipated books and classics fall under this category. Oh and I also joined the #bookstagram community and felt the need to own physical copies of books in order to click beautiful pictures of beautiful books (at least this is what I tell myself, I suddenly NEED the physical copies of the books and the e-copy would simply not work)

Oh and another thing that changed this month? I finally caved in and subscribed to a 3-month BOTM subscription. It is one of the oldest subscription boxes in the US and the price point is very affordable. I feel like the book community is 100% aware of it, but if you are new and stumbled upon this blog then I urge you to check it out. If you do plan to use it then I’d be happy if you could use this link, It would give credit to buy a new book from them. The 3-month subscription costs $30 and this month you can use a coupon “FREEBOOK” to receive a free book from a list of 5. I selected “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, by Arundathi Roy” (Goodreads , Amazon)

Most of the books I have hauled are very widely popular. I am just going to list them with the Goodreads link and Amazon link.

A similar boxed set is available of Amazon, check it here.

(This is the Dover Thrift Edition of the books, I purchased this set for $8.95 from Powell Books in Portland)


(All of the above books were purchased from Thrift books for somewhere between 3-5$ per book, you should check out http://www.thriftbooks.com if you are looking out for some used books. PRO TIP: Review the book condition carefully before buying, some of them are ex-library, good acceptable etc. which might not suit to everyone’s liking)



(I bought these 3 books from Amazon Book in Seattle on a random Saturday stroll along  the beautiful outdoor mall in University Village, the prices would be similar to the prices on Amazon if you are a prime member)

Now the last set of 5 books are from the Songs of Fire and Ice series (the most raved GOT books). I am super excited about this although it might take me forever to finish these books. I think I love my husband a little bit more for gifting this to me on my birthday. I currently have the paperbacks sitting in my house which are going to go as it was ordered by mistake instead of the cloth bound version (I am talking about these babies). I can’t wait to get them. I do not have pictures of those books which me currently, but you can follow me on @spunkyreads on Instagram as I will definitely show them off after I receive them.

Oh and guess what? June isn’t over (haha)

Question for you amazing people out there?

How many books have you read from this list? And if you have to pick just one book from this haul, then which book would you recommend I pick up?

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2 thoughts on “June Book Haul (Birthday Month)

  1. delphinespublications says:

    Happy belated birthday fellow bibliophile!
    Wow – you got a pretty great haul filled with several diverse titles from classics to contemporary, to YA and even poetry!
    OMG, I love Roald Dahl, I’ve read The BFG twice and plan on starting with his short story collections pretty soon.
    Milk and Honey has been on my TBR for months now and STILL remains buried somewhere in the midst of my messy bookshelf. I’ve heard so many great things about it though.
    Enjoy your reading (totally envy your 21 new books 🙂 )
    I look forward to reading more posts of yours in the future
    Happy Reading 🙂


  2. 95Bernice says:

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