5 Bookstagram Tools as a Newbie #bookstagram

Hello Fellow Reading Enthusiasts/Bloggers,

I recently set up an account on #bookstagram and I’ve learnt so many things in the process that I decided to share this post. If at least one of the tools/hacks is useful to you then I would consider my job successful.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have a huge following on Instagram, neither am I claiming to be an expert. These are plain hacks and tools which made my life easy and I am sharing these with you to help you.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Beginners who want to explore #bookstagram, just joined #bookstagram and experts who are finding it difficult to manage their account while juggling a plethora of other tasks.

To be completely honest my objective of starting an Instagram account is mainly to drive traffic to my blog and connect with fellow bloggers to get awesome book recommendations. I some times crave to discuss the books that had an impact on me with someone who has read it and understood it and I believe Instagram is the most easiest place to do so.

A bookstagram account is not only a time commitment but is also a very inspirational at the same time a competitive space. There are so many literary people out these who create such beautiful pictures with compelling content to support them, hence it might sometimes be stressful for you to keep up. I hope that this post will eliminate some of that stress.

Now to get on with the actual tools or hacks,


This was a game changer for me and probably my number one tip or tool that you must use. Now there could be other apps which do the exact same thing but I’ve used this and I can vouch for it to be effective. Essentially, Later is an app that you can use to schedule Instagram content. Posting content regularly is super important, every weekend I dedicate some time to click pictures for my feed (CR, TBR, Wrap-ups and cute covers because who doesn’t like to see pictures which have books with cute covers :P)

Download the app, load pictures (before or after editing – the app has some basic editing features but not the best), type out the captions, add in your hashtags and schedule your posts.

My phone beeps every morning at 10 am PST reminding me to post and it literally takes 30 seconds for me to post a new pictures. So, I dedicate 30 minutes in using this app and stay hassle free for the rest of the week.

Now coming to the best part of the app, you can preview your Instagram feed to see how the layout looks and you can play around with pictures to ensure they are in sync.

Some helpful screenshots below,


Now coming to the actual editing of the pictures, I like VSCO. There are many posts on the internet which talk about why this app is awesome and how you can use it, I personally do all the editing on my phone (probably why this is a newbie post) and I like the filters that VSCO has to offer along with the option to brighten and sharpen the photo.

Pic Monkey is another app which has some amazing editing features.

Word Dream

Some times I do not have enough posts to keep my audience engaged, what do I do then? I take the opportunity to share my favorite bookish quote with my fellow bookstagrammers. Instead of looking for a high-resolution image online, I create one using Word Dream, this ensures that my the quote is consistent with the rest of my content.

Guess which app I used to create the featured image of this post? Well, I know all of you are smart 🙂


This is another app which has been super helpful. The app uses analytics and decides the best time for you to post on different social media. Right now, I have my Instagram and blog linked to this app and when ever I create a new post in the blog it pops up a reminder suggesting me to share it on Instagram (more like a bonus post).

Crowdfire also give you a daily report with the number of new follower and the number of people who un-followed you. I’ve seen so many account switch up their themes, this would be a good metric to track to understand how your fellow bookstagrammers are perceiving your theme.


Instagram Analytics

I might get a lot of eye rolls for specifically calling this out. But, as a newbie I think this was super helpful. Essentially, when you connect your Instagram into a Business Profile, you get insights into how your posts are doing in terms of engagement, reach and impressions. It also has data on website clicks so that you know how many people are actually checking out your blog via Instagram. It immensely helps to know which posts are doing better, so that you know what people like about your account. For example, posts about historic fiction books on my account do a lot better than posts on  non-fiction books.

I hope you found at least one of the above suggestions useful, please let me know if the comments below which of these apps you already use or want to use? Also, like I said I am newbie any crazy app/hack that I need to use?

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